The war between HD DVD and Blu-ray is tiresome enough, but it presses on and is taken to ridiculous lengths. First we have the push for dual format discs and now we have Toshiba pushing their new 51GB HD DVD recordable disc. A mere 1GB above the Blu-ray offerings, the new disc is backwards incompatible with first generation HD DVD players/recorders, and is only 1GB larger than the 50GB Blu-ray offering from Sony. While I may seem a little harsh and I do encourage a push to newer technologies, it seems a bit pointless to try and push such a marginal amount above the competetion.

Toshiba may have succeeded in topping Blu-ray as the next-gen media with the highest capacity, but they certainly haven't made it any easier on the consumer. Come to think of it, no vendor has, except perhaps LG and others looking to create dual-format players.