Back in March, Amazon and TiVo launched a partnership to let users buy and download content from Amazon Unbox to a computer, to watch later on a home network-connected TiVo. Today, the companies have done away with the two step process by introducing a new service that would allow TiVo customers to download movies and TV shows from Amazon Unbox directly from their TV, without using a computer.

The feature works for owners of TiVo Series2 and Series3 broadband-connected DVRs. Movies are available for purchase at prices starting at $7.97, while TV shows cost $1.99 per episode. To avoid unauthorized purchases, TiVo developed a safeguard so users would have to punch in a five-digit password to complete any transaction.

By going directly to the television, TiVo and Amazon pose as serious competitors to other online video stores like those of Wal-Mart Stores and Apple in the race to deliver online videos to customers' living rooms.