As if Vonage wasn't having enough issues with their fight to stay afloat, they are now being attacked by a former competitor. SunRocket, which went belly up quite a while ago, shut down their VoIP services and now is targeting Vonage in a huge lawsuit.

The company claims that Vonage played dirty in getting new customers, by illegaly obtaining a list of SunRocket customers after being unable to buy the list outright:

According to the suit, filed yesterday with the Court of Chancery in Delaware and tracked down by The Reg, Vonage illegally obtained a list of SunRocket's former customers after an unsuccessful bid to purchase the list straight from the SunRocket.
Vonage claims the suit has no merit, of course, and claims they obtained the list legally. Regardless, suing after you've already been forced out of the market doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unless you are looking to either re-enter the market or just want a chunk of change. Even if the suit did have merit, Vonage is struggling financially currently and is finding it difficult to get more subscribers in the first place.