In a world where energy efficiency and environmental impact are becoming not only an important topic of consideration, but one that can ultimately affect the bottom line, companies who make ample efforts to be green get noticed. Dell is certainly wise to that, and as such they have announced their intentions to make the entirety of their digital empire be carbon-neutral. That is, they plan to have enough "green" additions to the environment that it will offset all their manufacturing and day to day operations.

To help achieve this goal, they have expanded their "Plant a Tree for Me" program to "Plant a Forest for Me", inviting their various partners to reduce or offset carbon output along with them. A big part of their strategy includes investing in more energy efficient hardware:

To meet its carbon-neutral commitment for Dell operations, the company will pursue an aggressive strategy of driving additional energy-efficiencies, maximizing purchases of renewable power and offsetting remaining impacts.
They are also implementing company-wide policies to do things such as power off machines more often and changing lighting in their various offices, and even changes in the construction of new facilities. Whether or not they'll be the first huge conglomerate corporation to achieve this goal has yet to be seen, but they will certainly get noticed for making the attempt. You can read the full press release in the comments section.