SCO is once again in trouble. After spending tremendous amounts of money on a litigation campaign that was a bad idea from the start, they had some significant losses to Novell in the courts. When Novell turned on them and began fighting back, SCO tried to turn tail and run - but they aren't getting their way.

A bankruptcy judge has decided that Novell can continue their fight against SCO, granting their request to lift a stay that prevented them from doing such. The obvious idea for SCO was to avoid having to pay anything to Novell while they scrambled. It looks as if now they won't get that chance, and Novell might end up taking from SCO more than they have.

Should Novell end up winning a sizable amount from SCO, it's possible we may see SCO disappear altogether - or be purchased outright by another company, such as Novell itself. It would be quite a sight, indeed, to see SCO, a company formerly hellbent on suing everyone from IBM to Red Hat to Novell, be shut down or acquired by one of their former targets. Earlier this year, the CEO of SCO spoke out about the company's situation. It was obvious then that they were very desperate by that point.