Western Digital has announced an expansion to their SATA drive lineup today, in particular their Enterprise-class drives. The new drive will be a member of the “RE” family, and will boast all the suite of features that WD sells their RE drives on. They claim the new disk is a significant step up in terms of performance, with features such as dual HDD controller processors to handle large amounts of data, shock sensors, vibration detection and a lot more.

It also supports an interesting feature that allows the drive to adjust a head's height, in order to improve reliability. If a HDD head comes into contact with the platters, you shortly thereafter have a damaged disk. The technology to adjust the head height is not new, but is supposedly improved in this model. The units are available in sizes up to 500GB, with a price tag of $119 for that particular model. That's a bit more expensive than their standard SATA disk line, which is expected as they certify these drives as being more reliable for use in “endurance” environments such as datacenters. You can read more in the product press release.