AMD is updating its desktop platform today with the introduction of the 790GX chipset, which is targeted at the "performance" gaming segment and improves upon the lauded 780G in many ways. The new chipset is manufactured at 55nm and features an integrated Radeon HD 3300 graphics processor clocked at 700MHz with DirectX 10 support out of the box. Not only this is one of best IGP to date, but its performance can boosted further when paired with one or two discrete graphics cards.

This chipset brings with it AMD's new SB750 south bridge chip, which not only adds RAID 5 support but also an Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) feature that AMD says allows Phenom processors to overclock higher than otherwise possible with previous boards. A processor rated at 2.5GHz, for instance, can be overclocked to run at 3.2GHz to get better performance in games.

Major system makers such as Asus, Foxconn, MSI and Gigabyte Technology are supporting the new chipset, with a typical motherboard built around the 790GX expected to cost between $100 and $150. Check out some reviews at Hot Hardware, The Tech Report, and Legit Reviews.