In order to make the 700MHz band even friendlier to newer equipment, the FCC is proposing "retiring" certain older equipment that use frequency ranges inside the 700MHz band. In particular, they are singling out devices such as wireless microphones as a potential source of interference on the band, both the section reserved for public safety and the commercial section.

As such, the FCC is considering a ban on these devices, at least the ones they feel will cause interference. It's by no means a final decision, but goes to show how far the FCC is willing to push for this soon-to-be opened spectrum to be used. They are also considering banning the import, sale or shipment of devices using 700MHz frequencies. The FCC believes that companies and people who manufacture devices using these frequencies have other chunks of spectrum available to them they can use.

Perhaps it won't be a big deal to the manufacturers, but it might be a huge bone of contention to the many people who already have paid for devices that may soon be rendered obsolete - and perhaps illegal.