Apple got a slap on the wrist in the U.K. recently, after the "Advertising Standards Authority" decided to pull an ad for the iPhone 3G. While it is one thing for users to be upset over feeling misled, it's another thing for it to be such a problem that the government steps in and decides your ad is a falsehood. The ASA concluded that due to the iPhone 3G not supporting Flash and Java, the advertisements Apple created showing off the iPhone's web-surfing prowess weren't true to reality.

Nobody, I'd hope, is really surprised that a product shown on TV didn't perform quite the same once in your hands, but I suppose this is a fairer way of going about it than hurling lawsuits at Apple. There has been both Java and Flash for the iPhone in the works for a while, though some people at Apple don't want that. It's sure to happen eventually, but having an ad pulled is still a strong message to Apple.