Last month, Dell claimed to have achieved an impressive mobile-computing milestone by getting its E-Series Latitudes to operate continuously for 19 hours on a single charge - albeit using a combination of a giant 9-cell internal battery and a whopping 12 cell external one. Today, however, HP is upping the ante by introducing a machine that can purportedly last an entire day with just the one internal battery.

By combining new firmware and graphics drivers with an ultra-high capacity battery pack, ditching conventional hard drive storage in favor of the newly-launched Intel X25-M solid state drive and using a LED-backlit display, HP claims that their new EliteBook 6930p can run for 24 hours straight. Interestingly, the 6930p will also have to run Windows XP rather than Windows Vista to achieve this.

While I seriously doubt you'll get that much battery life in real-world usage, getting half of that would still be very impressive. HP didn't price this particular configuration of the 6930p but says it should be available next month.