Apple has taken a lot of criticism, particularly by developers, for how they operate the iTunes App Store. The most controversial actions Apple took were pulling applications from the store that they felt competed with existing Apple software, which put many developers into an uproar. Some developers found a workaround from getting turned down at the App Store, allowing at least one developer to continue to offer software that Apple had previously barred from sale.

Apple found the hole and has plugged it. From Apple's standpoint, that is a good thing, as regardless of what content they do or don't allow they should be aware of what's going on. From a consumer standpoint it doesn't help Apple out of the sticky situation they seem to be getting into, where they are being seen as a very monopolistic company that seeks to control in detail how the iPhone is used.

Regardless of what people are saying about Apple's actions, Apple themselves are very quiet - refusing to speak even minor details about why they are going down the road they are.