Sling Media is best known for its Slingbox TV place-shifting device, but the company is now hoping to grab a slice of the increasingly crowded online streaming market, with a newly launched video destination of its own at The selection of media is pretty comprehensive, offering pretty much the same content as Hulu along with CBS programs and other clips from popular video websites such as College Humor and The site has a fairly clean look and is rather easy to navigate, but it doesn't really bring much new to the table... unless you happen to own a Slingbox.

Right now, Slingbox owners need to use the company's proprietary software to access their television, but will allow them to watch their live TV streams and saved content in a standard web browser via a special plug-in - which unfortunately for Linux and Mac users runs only on Windows-based PC's at the moment. Of course, you also need a decent high-speed Internet connection at home to enjoy watching your Slingbox streams through the site.

All in all, still has a ways to go if it wants to unseat Hulu as the top choice for online video streaming, but hopefully it will continue to introduce new content and perhaps even the ability to stream such content to a Slingbox set-top box.