Samsung's netbook line will be expanded this year with the introduction of a successor to the NC10. The NC20 is due for launch sometime in February, with little details on hardware revealed aside from rumors that it is based upon the Nano. This puts it at odd with many other netbooks, which are primarily centered on the Atom or occasionally the Celeron. It's a boon to Via, but it will need to be a cut above the average in order for people to see it as a serious contender.

In addition to their plans for the NC20, Samsung will also be introducing a new smartphone. This one will be interesting to watch, as it will be among the short but growing list of phones that use Google's Android platform. Samsung has long been a member of the Open Handset Alliance but this will be the company’s first foray into Android-based phones. There's certainly room for more Android phones on the market. Is there, however, room for more netbooks?