New information on how well the current generation of consoles is doing has been posted. There are two interesting things to note this time around, the first of which is the sheer number of consoles Nintendo has managed to deliver. The most recent figure puts the Wii at nearly 45 million sold worldwide, an impressive number no matter which way you look at it. A little under 18 million of those were sold in the U.S., showing that the Wii has a wide international appeal which is contributing to the console's success. From the perspective of the U.S. alone, it is number three for all-time sales, trailing the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2, which still remains number one.

The other interesting thing to note is the shortening difference between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The 360 is no slouch, sitting at around 28.5 million units worldwide. Their sales have not stopped, though they certainly have waned, which may be due to the PS3. Sony's beast has seen a growth spurt of sorts and now touts over 21 million consoles sold, narrowing the game between themselves and Microsoft to only around 7 million. A taste of things to come or merely the market filling out? This is a bit hard to predict at this point, as both Microsoft and Sony have a lot of things going for them.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft, however, can really hold a candle to Nintendo at this time. The Wii is still outselling both consoles at nearly a 2 to 1 ratio. Can that continue for very much longer? Sony's biggest hurdle, in my opinion, still remains their price. Microsoft has the cheapest console and Nintendo has the greatest sales, whereas Sony has both the highest price and the lowest sales. While it's not completely that simple, it's not a coincidence either.