Ever since the Palm Pre was shown off at CES 2009 last month, many have been wondering when this intriguing device will finally hit the market and who will be selling it. Although the company has not mentioned such details yet - and some are worried Apple may sue Palm and thus delay a launch - Boy Genius is reporting that it could be available by the end of May on the Sprint network.

The site claims to have obtained an internal document from the company which indicates what products have reached the end of their life cycle along with their replacements, and according to the document, the Pre will have an in-store stock date on or around March 15 and will replace the Palm Treo 755p. Don't bet on a launch next month, though, as Boy Genius speculates that Sprint may want to move their stock of Treo 755Ps first and will probably start shipping the Palm Pre in late May or early June.

Meanwhile, another report from CNET indicates that the Pre will have a suggested retail price of $549.99 but will be $150 with a two-year contract and after a $100 rebate. The question still remains whether the Pre will actually live up to the hype as it is indeed one of the most anticipated smartphones in quite some time.