Continuing with its anticipated move onto the console gaming world, Crytek has announced their brand new graphics engine today, one that is built to work with‭ ‬Xbox‭ ‬360 and ‬PlayStation‭ ‬3‭ in addition to DirectX 9 and 10 for PCs.‭ Dubbed CryEngine 3, the new engine is being touted as the only one designed for current and next generation platforms, and its scalability will reportedly allow developers to work on both action games and MMOs.

Although Crytek claims the technology is "next-gen-ready" for all major upcoming platforms, the announcement makes no mention of DirectX 11, which has already been heavily detailed and is expected to ship with Windows 7 later this year. Further details of the engine are thin at the moment but the company did mention that it will come with the next iteration of the CryEngine Sandbox level editor for developers.

The third iteration of Crytek's proprietary graphics engine will debut at this month's Game Developers Conference, which runs from March 23 through the 27th in San Francisco. Whether a new title will showcase the engine or perhaps a version of Crysis on consoles is unknown.