Apple leaks 17-inch iMac for $899? It's kind of funny when an Italian-language site breaks a wee bit of English-language based Apple news, but that's what happened when SetteB.IT spotted a small mention of an $899 17-inch iMac for the education market on Apple's own Web site.

Radeon HD 4890 vs GeForce GTX 275 on April 9th Both are slated for release on early April. Both are expected to retail around the $250 mark. And both are updated cards with faster clock speeds, mostly based on previous products. VRzone.

Michigan iPod scammer gets hit with criminal charges Apple has already filed a civil suit against Michigan iPod repairman Nicholas Woodhams, alleging that he obtained 9,000 free iPods by manipulating Apple repair and warranty programs. Now, prosecutors in Michigan have also filed criminal charges over the matter. Ars Technica.

Dell phone stalled by poor reception Dell Inc.'s anticipated effort to release a mobile phone has stalled after suffering from "a lack of interest" among cellular carriers, according to a research note published Friday. Marketwatch.