Well its been a whole week now or something since there was a virus security scare and its time for a new one. We couldn't have you thinking that it was safe to use a computer, after all!

Known as "W32.Holar.C@mm" (by Symantec's Anti-virus Research Center), or W32/SfxDeth.A-MM, the worm spreads by using an e-mail message which says something along the lines of "Fwd: Crazy Illegal Sex!" or something as equally "tasteful". It also has a fairly explicit message body, which borders on referencing paedophilia. Oh, how mature you are, virus writer!

The worm creates an "MPLAYER.EXE" file that will execute every time the system is started, obviously trying to disguise itself as Windows Media Player. It will then delete all files on drives lettered D, E, F, or G. Now, can anyone spot the point in that one other than mindless, childish destruction? Nope? Answers on a post card here if you can.

Mind you, maybe anyone that reads and follows an e-mail that references child pornography deserves to get their HDD trashed anyway? What do you think?

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