Password managers are a common tool among many Internet users. With so many different online services now part of our digital lives, including quite a few that deal with sensitive financial and personal data, it's important to use strong and ideally more than just one password to stay on the safe side. Some time ago I recommended RoboForm as an alternative to memorizing overly complicated codes and filling lengthy forms.

For all its merits the problem with RoboForm is that you’ll either have to shell out $30 for the Pro edition or get by with the measly 10-password limit on the free version. LastPass is different in at least a couple of respects. First and foremost, while a $12-a-year Premium subscription is also on offer, the free version will give you the same password saving and form filling functionality as RoboForm without any of the limitations.

This includes multiple identities, putting an unlimited number of individual passwords behind one master password, automatically fill in saved logins and forms with the click of a button, storing text notes securely in your vault, protection against key loggers and phishing attacks, a secure password generator and a lot more.

Another fundamental difference is that LastPass stores everything in the cloud. This means seamless synchronization across all major platforms and browsers via a plug-in that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. While some of you will naturally hesitate to store passwords and other sensitive data on a third-party server, it should be noted that LastPass is a Host-proof hosting solution and as such all data is first encrypted locally with 256-bit AES and then saved remotely so only you can access it anywhere, anytime.

You can also import password databases from almost every other similar service so making the switch is utterly painless. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have never looked back. If you are in need of a way to securely store multiple passwords, and have them accessible at all times as you move between workplaces, look no further than LastPass -- it will truly be the last password you’ll have to remember, and it's free!