Conventional passwords are close to useless when it comes to online security, yet a recent statistical analysis of 28,000 stolen passwords shows that a disturbingly high percentage of people rely on the easiest keyboard combinations to remember, such as '1234' or 'qwerty' and even the word 'password' itself. With the average internet user registering to a bunch of different services, it's understandable that they don't want to deal with memorizing overly complicated codes, the problem is when these weak combinations are used for more important things like online banking, purchasing, emailing and more.

One solution is to use password managers - and I particularly want to recommend RoboForm. This handy tool from Siber Systems makes filling in forms and logging into your web accounts both effortless and safe, with its ability to integrate with browsers (Firefox or IE) alongside its one click filling and submitting feature. It can automatically learn from new logins and securely store that information protected by a master password and AES encryption, so you only have to remember one single and ideally strong key phrase.

RoboForm also adds an additional level of security by bypassing keylogger captures and includes a password generator to create passwords up to 512 characters long. Best of all, your personal information and passwords are stored in separate files so you can easily back them up or move them to another computer.

There are a lot of other features I'm not mentioning here, such as SafeNotes to store offline passwords, but you get the picture anyway. Bottom line is, if you have to deal with multiple logins and forms every day then RoboForm will come in handy. There is a free version limited to 10 logins and a $30 Pro edition.