David Wang, a hacker from the well-known iPhone Dev Team group, has posted a video of Android running on his iPhone 2G. This feat is most certainly a big step in the ongoing battle to free iPhone users from the clutches of Apple.

The blog post shows Android in action and if the video itself is any indication, the project looks very promising. A number of features are shown off during the demo, including a custom boot loader, the entire boot process, wireless Internet access, playing music and of course receiving a call. However, despite its very functional appearance, David describes it as "slightly buggy" and "alpha quality". This is most likely not something you'll see on your iPhone any time soon.

According to the commentary, the demonstration runs a little slow because a debug version of Android is being used. Having used a 2G for the video, David also informs us that porting the project over to the 3G should be pretty simple, but the 3GS will represent a greater challenge. Despite the polish needed, it will be very interesting to see where this leads in the future – Could this represent the next level of jailbreaking?