Despite previous intentions, the set-top device being developed by Boxee and D-Link has been postponed until the fourth quarter of this year. The Boxee Box was originally slated to ship by the end of the second quarter - or around now - but it seems that timeframe was "overly ambitious." The companies now plan to launch the media-streamer sometime during November, but an exact date hasn't been disclosed.

There isn't an official reason for the delay, but it sounds like Boxee just needs a little more time to tweak the software. The company said its goal is for the Boxee Box to play 1080p videos from the Web or local network using hardware accelerating whenever possible, and to provide a TV browser experience that can handle things like Flash 10.1 - all without the device feeling obsolete a year after folks buy it.

The Boxee Box is expected to ship for less than $200 and features include an Nvidia Tegra T250 SoC, HDMI, S/PDIF, and RCA connectors, two USB ports, an SD card slot, gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Naturally, Boxee's media software will be preinstalled and the machine will support a range of formats, such as H.264, MKV, DivX, and VC-1. It'll also ship with a pretty slick looking keyboard remote.