Earlier this year Acer began showing off a new netbook model, the Aspire One D255, capable of dual-booting between Windows and Android. Although as far as we know the option never became available in the U.S., it seems the company is furthering its commitment with Google’s mobile platform in its native Taiwan, where it reportedly plans to adopt the dual-OS approach to netbooks as a standard on all models sporting a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor.

The idea is basically to use Android as an Instant-On operating system which can be quickly booted for common tasks, including multimedia, email and browsing, while Windows remains the primary operating system to perform a wider range of tasks. According to Digitimes, Acer is confident such an approach could stimulate demand and also citied figures from Gartner to point out that netbooks will not be replaced by tablet PCs. The company is aiming to ship 40 million notebooks in 2010, with a fourth of them being netbooks.

The company recently announced the dual-core Atom equipped Aspire One D255 will hit U.S. store shelves priced at $330, but as far as we can tell the dual-booting option will not be available in this part of the world for now.