We reported a few days ago about a SQL worm that could have a serious impact on internet traffic. While everything remained calmed for us during the weekend, I did notice a few of my favourite sites went down, something that probably has got a lot to do with this worm.

Winbeta.org suggests that the worm still is around and a new attack is expected today...

Experts are warning that a malicious computer code which disrupted the internet may resume its attacks on Monday.
In South Korea, which was badly affected by the attack, systems engineers are racing to repair internet networks amid fears Monday would bring new outbreaks as businesses switch on their computers for the new working week.

The problem is not completely resolved and we will have to have more of a sense of the importance of security. The South Korean Information Minister, Lee Sang-Chul, said he believed the problem was hiding, rather than fully resolved.

Computer experts said the code, known as a worm, had affected nearly a quarter of a million computers worldwide on Saturday.