Boxee has released its first firmware update for the Boxee Box, just a couple of weeks after the device's debut. The release includes 52 bug fixes and improvements split into the following five broad categories: Media Playback, Wireless Connectivity, Network Shares, Other, as well as Improvements and Additions.

More specifically, there are fixes for notable issues like 1080i playback problems, low WiFi signals, as well as issues handling certain audio and video files. The build number is, and your device should find it automatically within 24 hours. If that's too long of a wait for you, you can follow these instructions to get it manually:

  1. Download the latest Boxee Box firmware at The downloaded file will be named boxee.iso, and that name must be maintained.
  2. Copy the boxee.iso file to a thumb drive. Make sure to properly eject the thumb drive after copying the file.
  3. Power down the Boxee Box.
  4. Power up the Boxee Box by pressing and holding the power button for 5-10 seconds. Upon release, the Box will boot and the logo will turn orange.
  5. After the Recovery Menu appears, connect your thumb drive to the Boxee Box, wait 2 seconds, choose Reset all Settings, and then select Upgrade from USB from the menu, and follow the on-screen instructions.

"We are now working on the next version of the firmware," Boxee said in a statement. "More bug fixes prioritized based on your reporting and a first batch of usability/UI fixes (will share screenshots and issues being addressed later next week). We aim to release a couple more firmware upgrades till the end of the year. Including not just fixes, but also the addition of the much anticipated new Netflix and Vudu apps."