Google has just announced the first software update for Google TV, two months since the first devices went on sale. In addition to fixing some bugs, there are four significant improvements to the platform: Netflix, movies, dual view, and a remote control app for Android phones.

The Netflix app has been upgraded so that users can search, browse, and watch any movie or show in the Netflix streaming catalog. You can even add these titles to your DVD queue if you want them mailed to you or ask the app to give you personalized recommendations based on what you've watched before. As for the movies part, Google TV now has a movie results page (with a summary, photos, and the cast list) that lets you see all films associated with the title so you can quickly watch it wherever it's available: TV, Netflix, or Amazon Video on Demand. The dual view feature allows you to watch TV and browse your favorite website at once, and now it has been improved to allow you to resize and move the window.

As demonstrated in the video above, the remote control app for Android phones lets you control your TV with your voice. The Google TV Remote will reportedly arrive for other platforms in the near future. Google TV users should start seeing the update roll out to their devices throughout the week. The Google TV Remote app is available now on the Android Market though not all the features will work until your device has received the update.

If you want a Google TV device for free, Google is running a contest on YouTube. All you have to do is submit a video explaining why you should receive one and you might just end up with a 46" HDTV next year.