Analysis: California's online impersonation law, effective January 1 One thing that reached new heights of both stupidity and tragedy in 2010 was the trend of online impersonation. If you're shaking your USB-enabled cane and shouting "there oughta be a law" in between pre-NYE shots of Metamucil, then you're in luck. As of January 1, 2011, California's first online impersonation law - SB 1411 - goes into effect, making malicious digital impersonation a misdemeanor that comes with fines up to $1000 and/or up to a year in jail. ZDNet

Constant net connection no longer required for Ubisoft games It looks like DRM checks on games such as Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction have been changed for the better. The controversial DRM system was launched earlier this year with Settlers 7, and required players to be permanently connected to the internet in order to play. Now the games will no longer pause instantly if a connection is lost, but... PCGamer

Hotmail users report blank inboxes The ring of the new year has come with an unpleasant surprise for some users of Microsoft's Hotmail service. According to multiple postings on Microsoft's official support forum for Windows Live, a number of users are reporting that their entire Hotmail accounts have been completely deleted without warning. PCMag

Pro-WikiLeaks hackers attack Zimbabwe government websites Hacktivists have struck a blow against the regime in Zimbabwe by attacking a number of government websites. The cyber-assault appears to have been in support of newspapers who published secret cables in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga, to the annoyance of the-powers-that-be in the country. Naked Security

Judge warns of 'Orwellian state' in warrantless GPS tracking case Police in Delaware may soon be unable to use global positioning systems (GPS) to keep tabs on a suspect unless they have a court-signed warrant, thanks to a recent ruling by a superior court judge who cited famed author George Orwell in her decision. The Raw Story

Duke Nukem Forever pre-order accepted Pre-order can be available through Amazon and GameStop. At the pre-order page of Amazon, the game's release day is supposed to fall on May 31st. That's to say, the game will be just five months away from us. EXPreview