The VideoLAN team has slipped out a minor update for VLC with UI improvements and bug fixes. Among other tweaks, the default Remote Control (RC) interface on Windows has been changed back to Oldrc. Mac users will also see a visual change as the OS X version has received new UI graphics by Damien Erambert, a 19-year-old web and interface designer.

Download shortcuts: VLC 1.1.8 for Windows or Mac OS X.

VLC 1.1.8 also brings an updated VP8/WebM encoder called "Bali" as well as a new Dirac encoder based on libschroedinger, which is speedier than the classic one. The media player can once again autodetect subtitles for .txt subtitles and vobsub support has better autodetection. VideoLAN has also made fixes to mp4, ogg, audio tags, and ape handling.

Among the more serious fixes is one that addresses a security issue that could arise when playing videos at a certain width. VideoLAN didn't include further details on the vulnerability, but VLC's video resolution has been capped at 8192x8192 for the time being. You can read the full release notes and grab the latest version from our download section.