Leveraging the momentum gained from previous events, the clever folks behind the Humble Indie Bundle have launched a new promotion. This time, you have the potential to receive up to six indie games for a few bucks – though the pricing isn't as flexible as it has been in past events. The group will let you pay any amount you want for Frozen Synapse, but you have to pay more than the average donation to receive the other five games.

As of writing, that means you'll have to part with $4.41 to get Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Splot and Jack Claw – a fair deal considering Frozen Synapse usually fetches about $25 on Steam. Developed by Mode 7 Games, Frozen Synapse launched in May and is described as a simultaneous turn-based tactical strategy game. Think Counter-Strike, meets chess, meets Tron. There's some gameplay footage below.

You've undoubtedly heard of Trine and if you've kept tabs on previous Humble Bundles, the other titles should ring a bell too. They were all a part of the group's previous Frozenbyte-specific event in April. It's worth noting that Splot is still in development so you're effectively preordering the game, while Jack Claw is an unfinished prototype that Frozenbyte scrapped. It requires an Xbox 360 controller and it's probably unpolished, but playable nonetheless.

Frozenbyte's games also won't work with Intel's integrated graphics solutions, so keep that in mind before sending a payment. All of the titles are DRM-free and will run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. So far, the group has sold over 50,000 bundles for more than $221,000. Windows users have donated $3.91 on average, Mac visitors have sent $5.74 and folks on Linux have submitted $8.09. ExpiredPopsicle holds the largest donation at $1,024.