Corsair has announced multiple quad channel DDR3 memory kits designed for use on Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E platform. 32nm, socket LGA-2011 processors feature an upgraded integrated memory controller with four channels supporting DDR3-1600 memory for a theoretical peak bandwidth of 51.2GB/s.

Corsair is offering multiple quad channel kit sizes under various product lines. In terms of sheer operating speed, the 8GB Dominator GT package is rated at PC3-19200 (2400MHz) at tested latencies of 10-12-10-27. A 32GB Dominator GT kit is also available, although these modules are only tested at 2133MHz with timings of 9-11-10-27.

"The new Dominator 32GB Quad Channel memory kit is designed for high-performance PC enthusiasts using the latest motherboards, whether they're overclockers, gamers, or simply want a large amount of state-of-the-art memory," said Thi La, vice president of memory products at Corsair. "Corsair is a market leader in high-performance memory, and we're pleased to be first to market with a high-performance 32GB quad channel kit."

Standard Dominator and Vengeance kits are also available should you not require such high operating speeds. For example, the 32GB Vengeance kit operates at 1600MHz at 10-10-10-27. A low profile version of the Vengeance kit is offered in a 16GB capacity kit that features tighter tested timings of 8-8-8-24 at 1600MHz.

Both Dominator and Dominator GT lines support Dual-path Heat eXchange (DHX), Corsair's patented memory cooling technology. DHX Pro takes it one step further by including circuitry to measure various memory parameters which can then be output to a diagnostic device like the AirFlow Pro Memory parametric display.

Pricing varies depending on which kit and capacity you are interested in. As of writing, a 32GB Dominator GT quad channel kit is listed at $261.35 on Corsair's website which seems to be in error as the kit is listed at $999 in Corsair's press release. A 32GB Vengeance kit with a slower speed rating costs $527.65.