YouTube is currently testing a new layout for their landing page that is rolling out in stages. If you are impatient and want to try it for yourself now, you are in luck as there is a way to force the new homepage should you happen to use Firefox or Chrome.

To access the new layout, first navigate to using either Firefox or Chrome. Once there, you need to open your browser's web console. Here's how:

In Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + K

In Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + J

Once you have opened the console, copy and paste the following code into the command line and press enter:


Finally, refresh and you should see the new homepage.

YouTube's new beta homepage is more organized than the current offering and should make it easier to keep up with subscriptions and recent activity from those you follow.

You will be prompted with a series of tips on how to navigate the new homepage. The new layout consists of three separate sections or panes. The left pane shows your channels and subscriptions that you have signed up to follow. Users can click Add Channels to select from multiple different categories including news, music and gaming. The center window shows recent activity from users you are following such as videos they have posted on YouTube or shared on Google+. The right column displays recommended videos based on previous clips you have viewed.