Facebook has announced that over the next few weeks, their Timeline profile layout will be pushed out to all 800 million members of the social network. Users are being given seven days to preview Timeline and make any changes before it goes public for everyone to see.

Those who have not already switched to Timeline will see a notification at the top of their profile in the coming weeks regarding the change. Up to this point, the switch to Timeline view has been optional but moving forward, all users will be migrated to the new layout whether they want it or not.

Timeline was first announced at the Facebook f8 conference in September 2011 alongside Open Graphs. The new profile layout is described as the next step in telling your personal life story with all of your social network updates available to view on a single page. Timeline was made available immediately to those who signed up as a developer for the site with plans to launch publically not longer after the announcement but that was delayed based on a lawsuit from Timelines.com over use of the "Timeline" name.

Timeline officially went live worldwide last month with Facebook even giving away 200,000 sets of Timeline business cards to help promote the new layout. Last week Facebook introduced 60 new Open Graph partners including TripAdvisor, Ticketmaster, Digg, Zynga and Buzzfeed, just to name a few. The new Open Graphs allow users to better interact with apps rather than just being able to "like" them. Examples shown included "listened" and "watched" when referencing Spotify, Netflix and RDIO.