Microsoft's extremely popular Windows Live Messenger has been one of the most successful services to carry the Windows Live branding. It will be an integral part of Windows 8 too, with the Messaging app being embedded into the Metro interface. Just how much do you know about Windows Live Messenger though? Neowin has posted another of its Trivia Tuesday features with facts and statistics about the service.

MSN Messenger was the original name used for the service, and the first client was launched on July 22, 1999. According to Microsoft, it was integrated well with Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express 5.

320 kB was the original file size of the client according to Microsoft's launch press release. Today the application consumes around 25 MB; the app to download WLM consumes more space than the original client.

The current version of Windows Live Messenger (2011)

The Windows Live Messenger branding was incorporated in December of 2005, ditching the MSN (originally Microsoft Network) name after six years. Despite Microsoft having ditched the MSN branding for the majority of its products, is still the 16th most visited website according to Alexa.

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