The number one paid news app for Android and Kindle Fire now has a new name and a new price. The company behind Read it Now has changed the app name to Pocket and is offering it free across all devices.

Pocket is a content shifting app that allows users to save web content to view later on their own schedule. For example, say you find an interesting article on Google News but are just about to step out of the taxi for work. You could use the app to save the content to check during your lunch break or later that evening. Or perhaps you run across an HD movie trailer but would prefer to watch it on a larger screen. Simply save it with Pocket and view it later on your desktop computer or tablet.

Once the content is saved, it can be viewed on any phone, tablet or computer. Even better, users aren’t required to have an Internet connection to view material. This could become especially useful for subway rides or long flights that don’t offer WiFi.

The company points out that Pocket is different than traditional bookmarking apps which simply organize links for long term storage. And if you have used Read it Later before, you’ll be happy to learn that Pocket has an all-new user interface that is said to be much easier to read.

Read it Later was formed in 2007 and already has 4.5 million registered users that have saved more than 200 million items. The app is integrated into over 300 other apps including Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse and Zite where 33 percent of saved content comes from.