We've been hearing about Pixel Qi's exciting display technology for a while now, but the company has yet to make significant progress in the consumer market – only about a dozen not-so-popular products feature them. That's not stopping them from making bold claims, though. The company is teasing their next-gen screens claiming they will match or exceed the image quality of the new iPad while offering big power savings.

Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen says the upcoming transflective LCD technology will not only match the new iPad's display in terms of resolution, at 2048 by 1536 pixels, but apparently it will also match and exceed its contrast, color saturation and even viewing angles.

Jepsen criticized the fact that about 90% of the iPad's battery seems to be dedicated to driving the display, which consumes around 8 watts at peak. In contrast, their display technology will feature a very low power mode that runs at a full 100X power reduction from the peak power consumed by the new iPad screen.

The blog post details four different scenarios (low power mode, dark room, bright office and outside) and in all of them the Pixel Qi display would purportedly use a fraction of the power of the new iPad's display.

Unfortunately there was no mention of price or availability, as the company is still in the process of finalizing development partners for the new display and defining the sizes they will make them in. The improvements certainly sound promising. We'll see if they can finally convince manufacturers to use them in their products.