A recent report based on data from price tracking engine Camelegg showed that overall prices for mainstream SSDs have been on a steady decline over the past year. But despite this trend Intel stood out as one of the few treating their SSDs quite differently than competitors, with prices dropping only slightly over the past year and remaining stagnant for long periods.

According to VR-Zone that's about to change, though. The site claims reliable sources have informed them Intel is planning significant price reductions across its consumer SSD lineups. The SSD 320, SSD 330, and SSD 520 families are all on the chopping block, with prices going down by as much as 37 percent.

The lower-capacity models of the SSD 320 series will remain untouched, but the 300GB is expected to start at $464 instead of the previous $519, while the 600GB will fall almost $200 from $1,059 to $879.

The SandForce based SSD 520 series will see cuts nearly across the board: the 60GB model will go down 9% from $109 to $99, the 120GB unit goes down from $189 to $139, the 180GB variant from $279 to $199, the 240GB from $349 to $259, and finally the 480GB model gets a massive 37% cut from $809 to $594.

Meanwhile the SSD 330 series, launched just three months ago, is also bound for cuts across the board. The 60GB model goes down from $94 to $69 (26.5% cut), the 120GB unit from $149 to $104 (30.2% cut), and the 180GB variant from $234 to $154 (34.1% cut). That's as low as $0.70-$0.85 per GB.

VR-Zone says the changes will likely take effect in August.