AMD has reportedly postponed the launch of its Trinity processors for desktops from August to October in order to make some adjustments to the chips' designs, according to sources from motherboard makers talking to DigiTimes. The report is in line with previous rumors pointing to a fall release, with The Tech Report pinning it down to September or October based on its own sources within the channel.

GlobalFoundries, the company that makes the APU for AMD, said back in June that yield issues were behind the delay. In addition to this DigiTimes speculates that another reason for the delay may be the high-inventory levels of older Llano APUs that AMD still needs to clear out.

Besides the upcoming Trinity APUs for mainstream desktop computers, AMD also plans to launch three new AM3+ "Vishera" APUs in October, according to reports. DigiTimes lists these as the FX-8350 in 125W and 95W variants as well as the FX-6300, with the FX-4320 to be launched at a later time. A separate report from Fuzilla however lists three FX-8300 parts as follows:

A top-performing, unlocked multiplier FX-8350 with 16MB of cache, 4GHz default clock speed for its eight cores with 4.2GHz turbo speed, and a 125W TDP. This will replace the FX-8150 as the top desktop processor available from AMD. A runner-up FX-8320 will share pretty much the same features but clocked at 3.5GHz (4.0GHz Turbo), while the FX-8300 brings the TDP down to 95W and is clocked at 3.3GHz.

There was no mention of pricing but for reference the fastest "Zambezi" APU, the FX 8150, currently sells for $200 at Newegg while the range topping A8-3870K "Llano" APU is priced at $120.