With the launch of Apple's next iPhone fast approaching, speculation about its new features is mounting. The latest rumor comes courtesy of iResQ, which has fitted several of the leaked components to the iPhone 5's case.

The result gives previous rumors more credence, including Apple's smaller 9-pin dock connector as well as the new location for the headphone jack on the underside of the handset. iResQ noted that both components fitted the case perfectly, with the screw holes lining up correctly.

If the pictures reflect the final design, it offers a preview for the first time of both the current and upcoming iPhone devices side by side. The new model is clearly taller than its predecessor, which will provide additional space for a 4.0-inch display. It also looks slightly thinner, though it's hard to tell for certain without the rear cover fitted.

This backs up last month's prototype leak. iResQ noted that besides additional gaskets and componentry missing, the device it has on-hand appears to use the same speaker arrangement. "From what this looks like, the speaker will fit inside of the new iPhone similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S. Because of this, we expect the new iPhone to have just one speaker like the current models."

Apple is expected to hold a media event on September 12, with the next-generation iPhone and an iPad Mini widely expected to be unveiled. Apple reportedly intends to begin shipping the devices nine days later.