Following a round of price cuts for its Radeon graphics cards last week, AMD is now revising prices across its processor lineup while also adding a new member to the existing FX family. The latter is a quad-core part based on 32nm Zambezi core architecture, launching as the FX-4130, with a base clock speed of 3.8GHz and 3.9GHz Turbo. It also has a 125W TDP, 4MB of L3 cache, and has a MSRP of $112.

Prices across the entire FX series, the first generation of AMD A-Series APUs, and several Phenom II chips saw drops of up to 23%. The move should make building an AMD-based PC for the back-to-school season even more affordable. You can see the old and new pricing in the chart at the bottom.

In related news, managed to get their hands on a leaked retail partner's document that shows the full specification for three upcoming Vishera FX-Series CPUs: the FX-8350, FX-6300, and FX-4320. The upcoming processors incorporate AMD's "Piledriver" architecture, and include an eight-core, six-core, and four-core part for starters, featuring 125W or 95W TDPs and up to 4.2GHz clock speeds.

AMD Consumer Platform Quick Reference for Desktops (click for full slide)

The leaked document is in line with previous rumors and also contains details for some of the new FM2 A-series APUs, including A10-5700, A8-5500, A6-5400, A6-5300. Last we heard the new Trinity and Vishera desktop chips are scheduled to arrive sometime around October this year.

  Old price New price
FX Series eight-core CPUs    
FX-8150 $204 $183
FX-8120 $164 $153
FX Series six-core CPUs    
FX-6200 $153 $132
FX-6100 $132 $112
FX Series four-core CPUs    
FX-4170 $132 $122
FX-4130 NA $112
FX-4100 $112 $101
A Series quad-core APUs    
A8-3870K Black Edition $112 $101
A8-3850 $101 $91
A6-3670K Black Edition $96 $80
A6-3650 $91 $77
A Series triple-core APUs    
A6-3500 $71 $67
A Series dual-core APUs    
A4-3400 $57 $48
A4-3300 $53 $46
Phenom II X6    
1100T Black Edition $205 $194
1090T Black Edition $185 $173
1075T $165 $163
1055T $155 $153
Phenom II X4    
980 Black Edition $165 $163
975 Black Edition $155 $153
970 Black Edition $145 $142
965 Black Edition $115 $91
955 Black Edition $105 $81
Phenom II X2    
565 Black Edition $102 $101
560 Black Edition $90 $89
555 Black Edition $85 $84