AMD intros new FX quad-core, price cuts across the board; details on "Vishera" FX Series leak


TS Evangelist
Following a round of price cuts for its Radeon graphics cards last week, AMD is now revising prices across its processor lineup while also adding a new member to the existing FX family. The latter is a quad-core part

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FX-8150 and FX-8120 are not 6-core but 8-core CPUs, although looking at their performance one could think quad-core-8-threaded parts.


trainee n00b
Kind of expected the cuts to be deeper given the amount of inventory AMD are sitting on.
FX-8150 cheaper than an 1100T would tend to indicate that the Vishera parts are going to slot in at the previous Bulldozer pricing ( or AMD are sitting on a stockpile of FX parts) which probably indicates the performance level of the parts.
200MHz bump between stock clock and max turbo for the top part- looks like AMD might not have completely solved their power consumption issues regardless of the hype of "resonant clock meshing"

Joel F

TS Rookie
Wow, the AMD leaders really know how to wow us with mediocrity. How about breaking Moore's Law since that's all just a bunch of marketing lies anyway. Just more ways to milk the noobs.

I like my AMD 6-core but....They could have done better, I think.


TS Guru
The real star of that line-up honestly is a 955BE for $81, overclocked of course it will be more than enough for most games and productivity usage.