Although Google and Asus haven't shared any official sales figures on the Nexus 7, an earnings report released yesterday by the latter offered a few hints that it's moving rather well. Today, Asus CFO David Chang revealed sales have gone from around 500K units per month at launch to nearly 1 million in the latest month.

That number still pales in comparison to Apple's third-quarter sales of 14 million iPads, but it's significant nonetheless considering its more limited distribution. The $199 starting price and Google-blessed stock Android experience played a good part in the tablet's generally favorable reception by critics, and the Internet giant hopes to build on that early success with the recent additions to the Nexus line.

Earlier this week the company announced new storage capacities for the Nexus 7, the option of HSPA+ mobile data, and a 10-inch Nexus tablet that packed quite a bit of punch for $100 less than a comparable iPad.

The battle seems to be intensifying in the 7- and 8-inch segment, with Amazon touting record sales for it's $199 Kindle Fire HD (Of course, they never release sales figures for the Kindle Fire it's impossible to tell how well the tablet is really selling), and Apple jumping into the fray with a 7.9-inch iPad mini for $329.