The latest version of Google's Chrome browser is now available for download. Chrome 24, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, offers two dozen security fixes as well as a number of speed improvements and new features like MathML support.

Users will likely notice that the browser is a good bit faster than previous revisions. According to TNW, Google's Octane JavaScript test indicates Chrome 24 is the fastest version yet. When the beta launched late last year, the search giant touted the fact that the release was 26 percent faster than it was a year ago; it's even faster now.

Google also now includes the ability to search bookmarks using their title. Matching bookmarks will be shown in the autocomplete suggestions pop-down list using prefixes. MathML, or Math markup language, makes it easier for the browser to display mathematical equations. This of course won't appeal to everyone but we're sure that there are at least some number crunchers out there that will appreciate the addition (no pun intended).

Otherwise, the update by and large takes care of a number of security fixes. Specifically, there were 11 fixes rated as High, eight deemed as Medium and five that were considered Low risks.

Three of the security fixes came as part of Google's bounty program that awards individuals for finding security holes in software. In total, Google paid out two rewards of $1,000 and one for $4,000 - all deemed High level threats.