A new batch of alleged next generation iPhone photos have found their way online courtesy of a Chinese website. The pre-production images appear to have been taken inside a manufacturing facility - said to be Foxconn - and show the front and rear panels of a device that looks very similar to the iPhone 5.

Details are lacking at this hour but based on rumors circulating last week, we could see not one but two new iPhones launch later this year. The iPhone 5S would be much like what the iPhone 4S was when it was released - a handset with beefier internals inside an identical outer shell. That's almost a given when you look back at Apple's past releases following an entirely new design the year before.

The more interesting of the two handsets would be the iPhone 6 which is rumored to have a larger screen somewhere between 4.8-inches and 5-inches. All of this comes from a Chinese blog that claims to have an inside source that saw both handsets. As you can imagine, all of this should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

Either way, we're all but certain that Apple will release some version of the iPhone this year as they have done every year since 2007. Aside from what phone we will see, the other big unknown is when will the new handset(s) arrive? The past two releases have come later in the year while the first several were geared more towards Q2 and early Q3.