The Humble Bundle has launched its fifth Android-friendly event offering six popular indie games for a fraction of their individual retail price. In addition to working across Windows, OS X and Linux, the games will run on Google's mobile operating system, with three requiring Android 2.2 or higher and at least 2.3 for the other half.

You can view the full desktop system requirements and supported mobile devices for each game here. It's worth nothing that although the titles are technically available for Android, some of them have only just launched and may be a little buggy, but the developers are working on patches and you're encouraged to report glitches.

As of writing the average cash submission is $6.64, which will bag you all six items, including Dungeon Defenders with its DLC, Super Hexagon, Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and NightSky HD, as well as soundtracks for all but Dynamite Jack. Several of the titles are pretty well rated with Metascores of at least 80/100 or better:

85 Dungeon Defenders (action-RPG tower defense)
89 Super Hexagon (abstract action)
81 Beat Hazard Ultra (music-influenced arcade shooter)
76 Dynamite Jack (2D stealth action)
81 Solar 2 (action space sandbox)
NightSky HD (ambient physics puzzler)

Even If you can only spare a buck, you'll still get access to everything but Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon, and you may already own the former from December's deal. As usual, all of the titles are offered in a DRM-free direct download or with Steam keys in case you prefer to keep your digital purchases under one roof.