Several early 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display owners are reporting a problem with the system’s cooling fan. Based on a number of reports across the web and even on Apple’s own discussion boards, the problem seems to be that the fan kicks into high gear when there is no need for additional cooling such as when surfing the web with just a few tabs open.

Furthermore, most users say the notebook isn’t even warm to the touch when the cooling fan is activated. The fan will spin up to full speed before returning back to its normal state. According to, the issue may stem from a bug in the system’s fan management software when using new SanDisk solid state drives. Apple previously used Samsung drives in the MacBook Pro with Retina display but switched over to SanDisk units more recently.

Apple hasn’t issued an official comment on the issue but at least some users have been successful in getting their computer replaced due to the problem while others were reportedly told that nothing is wrong and the system is operating normally. If a fix is to come down the pipeline, it sounds like a simple software update could take care of things based on what we have heard thus far.

Last month Apple refreshed the line by introducing slightly faster processors and a new lower entry price. On average, the revisions are between three and five percent faster than the originals but retail for as much as $200 less.