We’ve been hearing for years that PC gaming is on its deathbed. Next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are just around the corner while Nintendo’s Wii U is already on the market (although it’s hardly a threat). The more pressing matter, however, is the influx of mobile games on tablets and smartphones.

Even the platform itself is facing pressure like never before. Earlier this week we published a report from IDC highlighting the fact that sales of personal computers dropped 14 percent during the first quarter of this year – the worst quarterly slump in history. The decline isn’t really a surprise as tablets and smartphone have cannibalized a market once dominated by the PC.

With the cards seemingly stacked against the PC, we have to wonder how this might impact hardcore gamers. Will you stick with PC gaming for the foreseeable future or are you planning to retire the trusty beige box when the PS4 / Xbox 720 drop?

Is PC gaming dead or is there still some tread left on the tires?