Microsoft is no doubt busy gearing up for the debut of the next generation Xbox in a few weeks but it seems they may be looking even further to the future as evident by a new job posting on the company’s Careers website. The ad notes they are looking for a Program Manager / Producer to help develop future initiatives in cloud gaming.

The person that Microsoft ultimately hires will work across internal teams and with external development partners to drive experiences in gaming that have not been possible before.

The listing notes that this is a special, challenging opportunity that requires a mindset that is biased for action and an attitude of dogged determination. The position will require an individual to work with an executive producer on jobs related to the creation of new AAA player experiences driven by the cloud, Microsoft said.

The existing Xbox 360 platform supports game saves to the cloud but not full games. That could very well change with the Xbox 720 although it’s too early to know that for sure just yet.

As Neowin points out, the job description suggests the system Microsoft is working on could be very similar to the cloud gaming platform that Sony is working on for the PlayStation 4. That console will use technology that Sony gained when they acquired streaming gaming service Gaikai. Sony picked up the asset in July 2012 for $380 million.