Even with all of the new applications, photo-stitching programs, and stabilizers that we have available in the modern day, it can still be a headache to capture that perfect panorama view. Whether you're at the top of a mountain, enveloped in the middle of a sprawling city, or gazing at an endless landscape of stars, capturing these moments in their complete glory always ends up becoming a daunting task. Most amateur panoramas (especially mine) end up distorted, awkward looking, and just less-than-amazing. 

Enter Panono, a throwable panoramic camera (yes, it's expensive and you're encouraged to toss it around) that promises to capture 360-degree views automatically, in high-definition. I use the word "automatically" lightly here. This isn't a robotic ball that flies around and snaps photos like some sort of photography android on a mission. You'll still have to "activate" the camera, but not in the traditional point-and-click manner. 

When you toss the Panono into the air, its sophisticated internal intelligence takes over. Thanks to a complex accelerometer, Panono will take a photo via its 36 separate cameras at the maximum height of its movement – i.e. when gravity is going to take over and send it plummeting back down to Earth. In this split second, where it is essentially hovering, it snaps a 360-degree by 360-degree, full-spherical, 72 megapixel image. These photos come out clean and completely capture movement around you without ghosting or blurring. 

Panono works in conjunction with a custom application (available for both Android and iOS), allowing you to instantly see your photo after it is taken. Once you have previewed the photo on your smart device, and are satisfied with it, it is then sent to the cloud where it is pieced together completely by high performance stitching. Your photo can then be shared to social media, placed on a website, or sent practically anywhere. 

The Panono is currently in a crowdfunding phase, via Indiegogo, where pitching in $550 will secure you the ball-shaped camera (if it receives complete funding). There is also an early bird special for all of you out there who want to lock in a Panono at $500. Act quick though, as the early bird deal is only available to a limited 600 backers.