Samsung has produced a new, massive television which they're claiming is the world's largest, set for release in the coming days. At 110-inches diagonally, the TV is larger than a king-size bed, occupying 2.6 by 1.8 meters and containing 33,000 square centimeters of screen real estate; more than five times the area of a 50-inch unit.

The TV naturally packs Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) as its native resolution and appears to be an unspecified LCD variant. Requiring a massive living room to fit in, the TV completely ditches a stand designed for cabinets, instead opting for a huge floor stand. Samsung expects that cashed-up VIPs, major companies and government agencies will be purchasing this super high-end TV.

The exact price for this gargantuan TV hasn't been announced by Samsung, however don't expect it to be cheap: a similar 85-inch model had a price tag of $40,000 when it launched, so no doubt this TV will set you back more. The display will launch in China, the Middle East and parts of Europe first, with Samsung only accepting custom orders.

This 110-inch monster isn't the only huge TV being previewed in the lead up to CES 2013 at the start of January. Two weeks ago LG announced an ultra-wide 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV that the company will be showing off at CES, while Samsung also has a 105-inch curved TV up its sleeve to show off. It appears these extravagant models are just the start of a major push towards 4K content.