If you're a PC gamer with an AMD Radeon graphics card, you might be very interested in AMD's latest Rewards program. The Rewards program expands on what is offered already through AMD's Gaming Evolved app - which was announced in partnership with Raptr during last year's GPU14 Tech Day - giving gamers the ability to win loads of free stuff.

To start with, users of the Gaming Evolved app will be able to collect points through performing different actions, such as optimizing the image quality of a game for the first time, playing specific games that are supported by the app, and engaging with the community.

The points collected in the Gaming Evolved app can be redeemed on a range of items, including Sapphire-branded Radeon R9 series graphics cards, ASTRO gaming headsets, GameFly subscriptions, GUNNAR gaming eyewear, discounts, and over 100,000 games. AMD says the total value of items in their exclusive store exceeds $5 million, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Raptr CEO Dennis Fong calls the AMD Rewards program a "a natural extension of what Raptr Rewards does for gamers", saying that it's "really great to be able to reward players for all the time and effort they've invested in playing games."

To jump straight into earning points in the AMD Rewards program, head to the Gaming Evolved download page and install the application. For a quick walkthrough of how the program works, check out the video AMD has provided below.